Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Spread the Joy

The economy is still recovering. Healthcare is a complete mess. Natural disasters and terrible accidents continue to be an everyday occurrence.

But the holidays are here, a time of happiness all over the world. And while the negativity is hard to ignore, I cannot help but be in good spirits. Especially after I saw this video sent to me from the Goodman Theatre here in Chicago.

I mean, you can't help but smile after watching it.

I also learned that today has been proclaimed "Share the Joy Day," to remind us all how important acts of kindness, generosity and good will are during the holidays--and all year. This message should be spread throughout the world, which is why I'm posting this video and sharing it with all of you.

But there are many other ways to "share the joy." Send a nice note to a friend or family member, donate to a local charity, tell a story about what makes you happy around the holidays, or just flash a friendly smile to a stranger on the street. You'd be surprised the difference these kinds of acts can make, not just in other people's lives, but in yours, too.

Goodman Theatre also offers some great ways to spread joy. You can share what makes you happy via social media and be entered for a chance to win some great prizes. Or you can donate to Goodman and Seasons of Concern, a non-profit that distributes direct-care support for Chicagoans living with catastrophic illness.

So go ahead, share what makes you joyous this holiday season!