Friday, February 26, 2010

Travel Song Time

There isn't much I need to say about why this song is a classic, or why it fits perfectly into the genre of travel music.

Frank Sinatra was a world traveler and is known all over for his soft melodies and distinctive voice. And in this song he brings together a range of places one can "fly away" to. Sinatra makes you want to grab a drink with him in Bombay, or listen to music in Peru, or relax on the beaches of Acapulco Bay. The next time you get on a plane to jet off to your next destination, play this song in your head--or your ipod--and think about flying above it all with someone by your side.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Deal of the Week

I apologize for not posting a deal last week. Life got a little crazy with starting the new internship and everything, but I am getting back on track. So here we go, a new week and promising deals to go with it.

This week's winner is....


We're heading to the Orient! Spend 12 days exploring the jewels of China, from the Forbidden City to the Great Wall. This deal from Gate 1 Travel will get you from Los Angeles to Shanghai, up the Yangtze river, over to Xian, up to Beijing, and back again for less than $2000. The whole deal includes:
  • Roundtrip air
  • All internal flights
  • 12 nights of accommodations
  • 24 meals
  • Sightseeing tours
  • An english-speaking tour guide
  • Entrance fees
You can depart on September 16, October 7 and 28, and November 18. Book this package by going online or calling and entering the promo code TZC250.

But hurry, cause this deal will probably go fast!

This week's runner up is....


Now the only reason this came in second is because I have been to Greece before, so I thought a place I had never gone to--China--would be a better winner.

Anyway, this trip sounds absolutely incredible and I personally am dying to go. You can spend 8 nights on the Aegean Sea, gazing at the beauty that is Greece. Europe Vacations provides you with:
  • Roundtrip flights from New York
  • 2 nights at the Candia Hotel in Athens--steps from the Parthenon
  • 3 nights at the Kamari Hotel in Mykonos
  • 3 nights at the King Thiras Hotel in Santorini
  • Ferry service between islands
  • Daily breakfast
  • All hotel taxes
This deal is good on select dates in April and May. Spring in Greece still has warm weather and there are not as many people. Book this trip online or by calling and enter the promo code TZGRE1. Book by March 2.

Enjoy a relaxing journey through Greece for a very reasonable price!

Another deal that caught my eye was a sweet hotel deal in Mexico. Check it out!

Monday, February 22, 2010

After My First Week...

Last week was my first as an intern at Premier Tourism Marketing...and I love it!! I have already been given two writing assignments. First, I have to write about San Francisco as a travel destination for students. Not college age or anything, but more middle or high school students. It's part of a larger project where we explore different cities around the U.S. and discover places that would be good for student travel groups. The article will go on my company's student travel website, and will be targeted at people trying to plan a school trip. I have been spending hours searching attractions, restaurants, hotels, and various other aspects of the city that might be interesting. Now, that may not sound exciting, but the hours seriously fly by at work because I actually enjoy what I am researching. I have never been to San Francisco but have always been interested in visiting, and now I want to go even more!!

My second assignment will be a longer article in one of the print publications. I get to write about Breckenridge, CO, and how it is a big ski destination in the West. It's right up my alley, cause I am from Colorado! And I have snowboarded there many, many times. It is perfect because I can slip my own perspective into the article, making it more personal and relatable.

Seriously, this job is great, and I cannot wait to get more assignments and actually start publishing my articles. Let's hope the second week is as good as the first!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Another Travel Song

I apologize for my absence as of late. This week has just flown by, and I have had little time to post. And as my friend aptly pointed out that I have not delivered a song of the week, I knew I needed to take a couple minutes and get to posting. And in honor of him, this weeks song will be....

Jet Airliner--The Steve Miller Band

As you listen to this late 70s classic, pay attention to the lyrics. I think the words really ring true to a traveler's mind.

Hope you enjoy this weeks travel song!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Another Season Kicks Off

Who out there watches The Amazing Race? Well, for those of you who don't know, a new season began last night on CBS. And once again, it did not disappoint.

11 teams raced from Los Angeles to Valporaiso, Chili for the first leg, having to perform various tasks to receive clues along the way. It was exciting to scope out the new competitors, and already I have my favorites (and least favorites). The first team I really like is Jody and Shannon, grandmother and granddaughter team who run triathlons and half marathons. For starters, I always think it's praiseworthy when older people compete on this show, because it can be so physically demanding. But this woman is 71 and she is totally hardcore. I would never be able to run a half marathon, let alone 5 of them! The second team I really like is Joe and Heidi, a married couple from California. They seem really down to earth, but competitive at the same time. Plus, they don't really have any annoying habits like some of the other teams. As for the teams I don't like, well, let's just say some of the younger couples irritate me, and we'll just leave it at that.

Bottom line...I love this show because it combines the elements of competition and travel, two things I can seriously relate to. I am a pretty competitive person, especially when it it comes to physical activities. But I also love that the show sends these teams to all these exotic destinations around the world. You get to see so much, while at the same time partake in some pretty interesting challenges. If you have never watched the show before, I strongly urge you to tune in next Sunday. If nothing else, the drama and stupidity of some of these teams is sure to entertain you.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Carry-Ons Made Easy

Standing in the security lines at the airport, you mentally check off all the regulations. Take laptop out of bag. Remove shoes, belts, and coats. Place lose items like jewelry and change in bins. But as your bag keeps slowly toward that scanner, you realize you forgot the most important thing. Make sure any liquids are in 3 fl. oz. containers and sitting nicely in a clear ziploc bag. Inevitably the security guard stops your bag, glancing suspiciously at its contents. As it makes its way through to the other side where you're waiting for it, the security guard snatches it up and pulls out that 4 fl. oz. bottle of moisturizer you so irresponsibly left in there. It's taken away, tossed into the toiletry abyss, never to be seen again.

This is a common story, bound to happen to any traveler. And why wouldn't it? We're all human, we make mistakes. But does the security guard realize he just tossed a $30 bottle of moisturizer? I bet he doesn't.

No fear, is here!! A website dedicated to selling products prepackaged in carry-on friendly sizes. Rather than wasting time squeezing shampoo into one of those ugly plastic bottles, labeling it so you don't mistake it for your lotion,  and then repeating the routine over again with every other toiletry item, why not have it taken care of for you. 3floz offers top quality brands and kits for face, hair, body, teeth, and much more. Now, you can take every toiletry you may need on your trip with you in your carry-on. No more sitting their weighing the benefits of bringing eye or blemish cream, you can have both!! Plus, 3floz gives you a plethora of choices. 20 brands are featured on the site, so you can try any or all of them, if you so choose.

Another piece of good news, these TSA-approved products can be shipped for free if your flight leaves within 3 days. And, 3floz can deliver internationally if you want your items after you arrive in your destination city.

For the beauty junkies out there, this is heaven.

Check out all their products on their website:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Deal of the Week

I come bearing deals....and this week with all the snow that's been coming down, I'm sure most people are eager to steal away somewhere warm and exotic. I've got just the thing.

This week's winner:


South America is calling! With Brazil hosting the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics, clearly it is the place to be. So why not see what all the fuss is about, and while you're at it...head on over to neighboring Argentina for a taste of "The Paris of the South" in Buenos Aires. This package from includes:

-Airfare to Rio, Iguazu and Buenos Aires
-Eight hotel nights: three in Rio de Janeiro, two in Iguazu, three in Buenos Aires
-Transportation between airport and hotels in each city
-Half-day guided tour of Corcovado Mountain, home to the Christ The -Redeemer monument
-Daily breakfast
-Half-day guided Tour to H. Stern Jeweler Museum
-Iguazu Falls tours on both Brazilian and Argentinian sides
-Panoramic city tour of Buenos Aires
-Exclusive discount coupons for shopping in Buenos Aires
-Free admission to the floating Casino de Buenos Aires

Sounds pretty sweet, doesn't it??

Departure dates for this trip are April 15; May 6, 27; June 14; Aug. 9; Sept. 3; Oct. 12; Nov. 9. Book by Feb. 19.
*This is the lowest price and is only available if you fly out of Miami. To see the price from a different city, you will need to check the website.
This week's runner-up:
"I'm just wandering around Jerusalem." Wouldn't you love to utter those words. Well, with this package from Gate 1 Travel, you could. Venture to the port of Caesarea or the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth. It's all possible for a very reasonable price. The full package includes:
-Roundtrip airfare from Philadelpia or Boston to Tel Aviv
-Airline fuel surcharges
-Six nights' hotel accommodations (one in Tel Aviv, two in Galilee, three in Jerusalem)
-Seven meals (six breakfasts, one dinner)
-All transfers
-Sightseeing per itinerary in a modern, air-conditioned motor coach
-Service of English-speaking tour manager
-Optional sightseeing tours at discounted prices

If you're not tempted, well then something's wrong with you.

Departure dates are: April 23; Oct. 1, 8, 22. Additional dates, April-December, for +$90.

Book this trip by going online and entering promo code TZDELTA270. This will sell out fast, so book asap!!

So I hope I delivered some tasty deals for you to salivate over, but if you were left unsatisfied, here are a couple others that caught my eye that you may enjoy. 6 nights in Barcelona, 5 nights in Hawaii, or an exploration of the Galapagos.

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Song for the Road

As I was driving up to the Northern reaches of Wisconsin with my friends this weekend , we swayed to the ever-twangy beats and heartfelt lyrics of country music. While I do not listen to country often, it got me thinking about the genre as classic road trip music. Why does an upbeat tune about a dog or a tractor suddenly make the open road feel alive and exciting? Why do I all of a sudden want to tap my feet and belt out the cheesey lines about love or heartbreak? It makes the trip speed by if for just a brief moment.

But it isn't just country that can bring on these kinds of feelings when you travel, it can be any kind of music. So I thought back to when I was backpacking through Europe a couple summers ago and what my ipod kept playing over and over again. Over the course of seven weeks, I listened to a lot of music, but for some reason the Beatles seemed to loop through my headphones more often than any other artist. Why? I couldn't really tell you, but those four talented boys from Liverpool were my trusted companions through it all. What my fellow travelers listened to the most I am unsure, but something kept playing in their heads as we treked from town to town.

But what is the best travel song out there? What is hands-down, no-question the absolute best song to venture around the world with? Whose to say? To each his own, right? There may not be one perfect travel song, but there are a lot out there to choose from. So why not mention them all! They're all worthy!

It's decided then....each week I'll pick two travel songs to feature on my blog. whether they are about the act of traveling, a destination to travel to, or just a song that gets me in the travel spirit. And here is the first song of the week:
The Long and Winding Road--The Beatles

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Deal of the Week

Sorry for the delay in posting this week's deal, but yesterday just got away from me. we go.

This week's winner is....


Explore the "Golden City" for a very reasonable price with this deal from In the months of February and March, you can travel to Prague and stay six nights for less than the cost of a typical flight. This Prague package includes: roundtrip airfare from New York, six nights at the Juno hotel, daily breakfast, hotel taxes, and fuel surcharges.

So go ahead and explore Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, and Old Town Square. For this price, I'm sure you'll be able to afford picking up some souvenirs and enjoying a pint of Pilsner Urquell.

Book this trip by February 12 and make sure to enter promo code TZPRG1 to get the travelzoo discount.

This week's runner-up is......


Apple Vacations is one of my favorite companies because they always seem to provide great tropical vacation packages. This one to Punta Cana gives you a 7-night all-inclusive stay at an ecofriendly resort on the white sand beaches of the Dominican Republic. It includes roundtrip air; 7 nights at Natura Park Eco Resort & Spa; all meals, snacks and drinks; daily and nightly entertainment; roundtrip airport transfers; and all resort taxes.

The hotel is boasts a natural atmosphere and features four restaurants, four bars, two pools, a disco, tennis courts, a spa, a health club, water sports center and a botanical walk.

If you want to do this trip last minute, the price will drop to $599 if you leave in the next week. Also, Apple is offering different packages if you don't want to stay for 7 nights--though why wouldn't you?

Book this trip by February 10. This deal lasts through February and the price goes up with bookings in March.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Famous One Day of the Year

For those who pay attention to completely meaningless holidays, today is Groundhogs Day. A day when people gather in a little town in Pennsylvania to watch a bunch of guys, dressed head to toe in colonial style suits, pull a little groundhog named Phil out of his home and pretend that he will predict the coming weather. This was the spectacle I watched this morning as I pedaled away on an elliptical. And what did our little weatherman predict? Suprise, suprise, 6 more weeks of winter.

While the news of the weather certainly dampened my endorphine-spiked mood, the news story also provided me with a great blog idea. That little town, you know it as Punxsutawney, PA, has a spotlight cast on it for one measly day out of the year. But what about the rest of the time? What does this little borough have to offer?

As it turns out...not a whole lot. At least, not in the central part of the town. Other than the famous Gobbler's Knob where Phil pops his head out every year to see his shadow, there's Barclay Square, Groundhog Zoo--yeah, they're pushing that tradition,--Marion Center Speedway, and Silverbrook Fiber Meadows Tours. Around Punxsutawney, there are plenty of exciting activities to partake in: hunting, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, biking, and cross country skiing. The town also provides numerous festivals in the summer, so if you visit during that time of year, there should be enough to keep you busy. Even though this town is pretty famous, it probably doesn't receive all the credit it deserves. I guess that's the downfall of having such a famous celebrity reside in a small town.

I wish I could provide you with more information, but it was difficult to locate any kind of tourist information that didn't involve Phil. I also tried to find a good picture that shows the town, but I could not find any that didn't feature that cute little critter's face--so you get a nice sign instead. Enjoy! And happy 6 more weeks of winter!