Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Four Corners of the United States

Once again, a conversation with my boyfriend has sparked an idea. We were chatting on a drive back to Chicago from Milwaukee about the places in the United States we have visited or would like to visit. This may not sound all that exciting, but usually when we talk about travel we discuss exotic locations around the world we hope to go one day. But it occurred to me there are plenty of places in my own country that I have not visited and would like to. Steve said he wants to go to every corner the of the country: the Northwest--Seattle; the Northeast--Maine; the Southwest--Arizona/California; and the Southeast--Florida. (He has already made it to Key West, the southern most point of the U.S.--apparently.) Of those, I have only been to California and Florida, so I have a lot more ground to cover in my life.

There are fifty states in our country, and I have been to twenty-seven. Twenty-three to go. At the top of my priority list: Washington and Oregon
. Ever since I went to Vancouver this summer, I have been dying to go back to that North Pacific environment. After that, I'd love to go to Louisiana and see New Orleans. It will be a nice change from the frigid cold that has finally hit Chicago.

As much as I long to travel the globe and see all the world has to offer, there are regions around America that foster culture, history, and entertainment worth visiting. So maybe in the next few years I can make it around this country and see all the cities on my list. It just keeps growing the more I think about it. Looking forward to the road ahead...

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