Monday, May 21, 2012

That's a Wrap: Follow Up on Tour de Cure

Last Sunday, my aunt and uncle rode the final leg of the Tour de Cure, ending an 11-day biking journey up the coast of Australia to raise money to cure cancer. After 1,700 kms, the organization was able to reach 5,231 school children and raised over $2.1 million Aussie dollars!

I can only begin to imagine the emotions running through the riders as they reached the end of the course, pain, sadness, joy, exhaustion, success--what a whirlwind. My aunt's last update describes her feelings better than I could.
The ride in was very emotional. The thrill of making it, the exhaustion and pain of the last 11 days, the joy of seeing so many partners and families embracing, and being part of an amazing team all came to a head as we rolled to the finish. It was a truly great experience and hugs, cheers and tears that followed were deeply heart felt.
Writing about this amazing  effort is one way I am contributing, but it doesn't even begin to show you what these riders went through. Luckily, there was a camera crew with them the whole way, and a documentary is set to be released later in the year. So here is a little preview for you.

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