Monday, October 22, 2012

Flying Home at a Much Higher Cost

Good News! Airfares are increasing at a much slower rate this year compared to last year! What's even better, analysts said prices will rise even less in 2013.

The bad news? Airfares in the last two months of the year are set to soar...just as I'm booking my flights home for Christmas. Wonderful!

Experts in the travel industry said the average domestic fare in September was $375.35. So just imagine what that will be in Nov. and Dec. when everyone is traveling for the holidays. I'm guessing that unless I get really lucky and book at just the right moment, I'm probably going to end up paying over $300 for my flight to Denver, give or take a few bucks depending on which days and times I choose to fly. (That will largely depend on my available time off from work...oh how I wish I had unlimited vacation time.) What makes that high price tag even more likely is the fact the Southwest--known for its lower prices, just raised its domestic fares last week between 44 and $10 per round trip...and all major airlines matched the hike. Oh, how I despise the influence of Southwest sometimes.

Who knows if another hike will take place before the end of the year--I'm keeping my fingers crossed --but either way, the next week or two will be spent thoroughly searching and comparing for the best price. I just hope there are seats available...yet another problem facing holiday travelers...high demand and fewer flight options.

I absolutely love the holidays, and I cannot wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family. But this is the one downfall of the season. Airlines taking advantage of travelers as they try to spend time with their loved ones.

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