Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Travel For...You

There are a million reasons to take a trip. To visit family or friends. To spend quality time with a loved one. To see a place you've never seen. To get away and relax. To learn about another culture. But one reason that should definitely be on the you.

When traveling, make yourself a priority.

This concept can often get lost in the hustle and bustle of life, especially when organizing a vacation with other people. Everyone has their own ideas about where and when to go, what to do on arrival, how much to pay for accommodations or activities, etc. But travel should not just be about the group, but about individuals, too.

Seattle, Washington
For example, my group of long-time friends is trying to put together a summer trip. The original plan was Seattle some weekend in June, which seemed to work for everyone. But before we even had a chance to look at ticket prices, calendar limitations started popping up. One girl had a bridal shower in June, while another had a possible family vacation, and another had a potential freelance gig. Suddenly dates as early as April and as late as September were being thrown into the mix; people were offering to take inconvenient flights to make certain dates work; but every other month was nearly impossible, and eventually plans for the trip fell to the wayside.

Girlfriend Getaway.
The problem is that we want everyone to be able to go, but the reality is that it is incredibly difficult to get seven people in the same place at one time. Especially considering the crazy lives we all lead, and the fact that we're spread out across the country, and weekend trips are not super easy to organize. So far, there is one weekend that six of us can do, but people are reluctant to pull the trigger, because one person cannot make it. As sad as that is, I am a firm believer in traveling for yourself. If you want to go somewhere...go! No one else's schedule should stop you. I understand, in this case, it's a group trip, and that I have to succumb to various agendas. But the fact is that there is a date that works for the majority of the group, and I'm a realist. We may not be able to find a time when everyone can go.

Even if this whole trip falls apart, I fully intend to go to Seattle this year, either by myself or with a couple of the other girls that can still make it happen. Because the truth is, why should anyone sacrifice a wonderful vacation because of someone else? I probably sound like a horrible person, and that's fine--I know I'm not. In fact, I already have plans to see all these girls at some point this year, because the fact is that good friends make it happen. It doesn't necessarily have to be all at one time--though that makes it easier and less expensive--and taking multiple trips gives me the chance to go different places and experience new things.

I am not encouraging selfish, egotistical behavior, by any means. I am simply saying that make sure you take yourself into account when traveling. Never give up what you really want to do just because someone else doesn't want to do it or can't do it. Never limit yourself on account of another person. Because, let's face it, sometimes going it alone is the best idea.

Travel for you!

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