Friday, May 10, 2013

A One-Way Ticket to...

An interesting article came across my news feed this morning, and it really got me thinking. If you could pack up everything, purchase a one-way plane ticket and start a whole new life somewhere else, would you do it?

It's a thought that has crossed many minds over the years, especially those still searching for something--an ideal job, a soul mate, adventure, happiness, or maybe just unique food. Travel can often provide the answer, or hit you with dozens of new questions. Either way, the unexplored life can be scary to think about, and thrilling at the same time.

For many, it will remain unexplored, forever trapped in a dreamscape, inevitably part of the phrase "one day..." But for those who decide to make it a reality, it can be truly liberating.

As my five-year anniversary of my arrival in Chicago approaches, I have found myself contemplating this very idea. Could I drop everything and jet off somewhere to start a new life? Am I ready to leave Chicago, or are there still things keeping me here? And if I did leave, where would I go?

It's actually more difficult than I thought. I assumed my mind would immediately scream ITALY! But strangely enough, that didn't happen. I don't think this means my dream of living in Italy is dead, I just think my life has changed to the point that other places seem more appealing for where I see myself down the road. But please don't ask me to tell you where I would go, because there are about five places bouncing around in my mind right now. This is just a sign telling me I'm not quite ready to leave Chicago, there is still unfinished business here.

But for those looking to jump ship, where would you go?


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