Monday, August 31, 2009

Indulge a Little...You're on Vacation

I was searching around on and the travel section, when I found a blog posing the question about favorite vacation indulgences. Like most other people in this economy, I have cut back on small luxuries in my daily life. I avoid eating out, I have not gotten a manicure in over six months, and I try not to buy new clothes unless absolutely necessary--though that has been difficult for me to keep up. Also during my daily routine, I tend to concentrate on eating healthy and staying fit.

However, when I get the chance to go on vacation, I do tend to indulge just a little. The blog mentioned some standard things like upgrading a hotel room to a suite, or paying for guided tours, or visiting the spa. I enjoy these just as much as the next person. But I also like to indulge in other ways. After a nice meal, I always make room for a decadent dessert. Chocolate, cheesecake, ice cream, you name it, I'll eat it.

I also like a trip to the spa, but not just for a massage--which is very nice. I love getting my nails done. I always screw up my nails, so it's nice to have them professionally done once and a while.

Probably one of my favorite indulgences has nothing to do with shopping or personal health or eating. I love taking a day to walk or hike or drive--if necessary--to scenic locations. It is one thing I never get the chance to do when I am at home. I could always go out and get a nice dessert, or enjoy a manicure at the local nail salon, but rarely do I get the opportunity to see beautiful scenery. So when I am on vacation in an exotic location, I have to take the time to enjoy what is there. I think it is the most rewarding part of a vacation. Architecture, mountain ranges, beaches, forests, lakes. A never ending array of things to look at, be inspired by, or escape to. That's the kind of indulgance I enjoy the most.

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