Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sometimes You Just Need Some Girl Time

I have a tendency to be better friends with guys, mostly because there is less drama, I feel comfortable, and I can just chill with them and watch some sports. But when I went up to Milwaukee this past weekend to visit my Marquette friends, it my good girlfriend Ashley who I spent the most time with. It felt nice to just catch up on girl talk, gossip, and bad reality television.

We spent all day Saturday shopping, watching movies, talking, eating delicious chips and guacamole, and going out for martinis. Every once and a while, you need a girls day. I just need to schedule in little day trips with my girlfriends. I have such a busy schedule, and so do my friends, plus the fact that I do not have many girlfriends works against me. But I know that I need a break from the guys here and there.

So I am now researching fun girl trips to take with my friends. Whether the trips are just small treks around the city or drives to other states or journeys to distant countries, traveling can really help girls connect with each other. Also, I read an article in Women's Health Magazine that talked about friendships between women and how we need to work hard to maintain them sometimes. We tend to put a lot into our friendships and if we do not work at them, there is a potential for them to end.

So grab some girlfriends, or just one, and take a trip to Paris or Mexico or New York or maybe just the mall.

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