Monday, October 5, 2009

It's October, Where Shall We Go?

Fall has arrived--yes, it's official now even though the first day of autumn was two weeks ago. It's October now, the weather is actually starting to cool down, and I'm leaving my apartment with a scarf, jacket, and boots every morning. Not that I'm complaining, I love my stylish, fall jackets and my adorable knee-high boots. But the question on my mind is, where should one travel this time of year?
It's difficult because of work and school to find time to go anywhere, but if one has a couple sick days stored up, has a list of destinations that seem pretty sweet. I don't agree with every location on the list, and in fact some I would skip all together no matter what time of year it is. But there were a couple that intrigued me--because I had never been there--and some that definitely made me want to pack my bags and head to the airport.
The first one I was interested by was Maine. I have never ventured to the northern-most area of New England, but I have always heard good things. I have a friend who lives in Maine, and according to her it is unbelievably beautiful. And in the fall, I'm sure, the colors are breathtaking. And who wouldn't want to see a moose just wandering through the woods? The best way to get there, according to the article, is to fly through Boston--which I get the privilege of visiting this week (future post about the trip to come). Apparently airfare is pretty cheap right now, so why not hit up the picturesque landscapes of Maine.
Heading over to the West Coast, Napa and Sonoma made the list, and I have no objections to this at all. Um, hello, it's wine country! And fall is harvest time. Tourists will have the chance to participate in special activities as the grapes are being brought in from the vineyards such as grape stomping, wine-education courses, dinners and tastings. Being a wine lover myself, this would be an ideal trip to take with either my boyfriend or some girlfriends.
Venturing across the pond...ROMA!! When I saw this on the list, I nearly leaped out of my chair. For those who don't know--and I'm actually not sure I've ever mentioned it in this blog--I lived in Rome for four months three years ago. I was even there during the mild autumn months, and I can tell you all from personal experience it is worth the visit. This time of year is known as ottobrate romane--Rome's beautiful October days. Also, the wine will be spilling in from the vineyards, and the ripe olives falling from the tree branches. For all you chocolate lovers out there, like me, truffles are also a popular item in Italy at this time, appearing in dishes everywhere. Bring in fall "stile italiano."
Apparently Puerto Vallarta is a great place to visit this time of year. I, for one, am all for a Mexican getaway. The summer rains will have faded by this time, and the weather is temperate. In November there are a number of festivals going on in the city. Who wouldn't want to spend an autumn weekend on the beach? In a tropical enviornment? I wouldn't object to that.
Now, there were a couple places on the list I said I did not agree with, so I am going to replace those suggestions with a couple of my own...just for fun:
  • Denver, Colorado--yes I hold a bias, but it is still beautiful in the fall, especially if you head to the mountains.
  • Vancouver, British Columbia--Canada is known for it's gorgeous fall scenery.
  • Redlands, California--come on, the Redwoods have to be worth seeing in the fall.

Anywhere you think would be a good destination to go during fall???

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