Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Presents a Chance to Escape

All-Hallows Eve is almost upon us, scared yet?
Well, unless you've been visiting haunted houses, decking your place out in creepy spiderwebs and ghoulish pumpkins, or seeing horror flicks like Paranormal Activity--I hear it's pretty freaky--then you're probably not in the mood to be scared. And I'm with you on that. I prefer to look at the lighter side of Halloween: dressing up in fun and ridiculous costumes that allow you to be someone else for the night.
I just finished buying the last accessories for my costume, and I am ready to escape to a different world. While I don't want to give away what I am planning to be, I will divulge this: my costume will take me to a mythological time, when wine ran like water.
Mostly I'm excited because my costume reminds me of my time in Italy, and it got me thinking about how a lot of costumes on Halloween are inspired by distant places. Knights, princesses, eskimos, Romans, Russian guards, British guards, Kings, Queens. Those fancy masks and disguises were inspired by the Venetians and their masquerade balls during carnivale. I am aware that many people dress up as nurses, cops, soldiers, doctors, animals, etc., which can all be found in the U.S. But I like the idea of bringing another world into ours, even for just one night.

Happy Halloween!

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