Friday, January 28, 2011

Red Light Winter: A Play

A dramatic, slightly humorous and overwhelmingly powerful story about two companions traveling abroad, and the mysterious and elusive woman they meet along the way. If the title doesn't give it away, the play takes place in Amsterdam, where the lead characters--Matt and Davis--have gone to get away from their lives in New York. Along the way, they encounter Christina, a young woman Davis finds in the Red Light District. Right from the start, Matt develops deep and strange emotions for Christina, while she seems to lean towards Davis with her affections. Upon returning to New York, Davis and Matt return to their normal lives, but the memory of the girl from Amsterdam lingers, if only slightly. But when she shows up at Matt's doorstep inquiring about Davis, everything comes rushing back in one moment of clarity and understanding about who she really is.

Red Light Winter, written by Adam Rapp, is an excellent portrayal of sexual intrigue, obsession and betrayal all wrapped up in a sultry and twisted love triangle. It's also an inspiring investigation into the ways we try to escape the emotions and problems that fill our lives.

I read this play about a month ago when I learned that my brother, Colin, was putting on a production of it in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it out to the West Coast to see it, but I know it will be an incredible show--though I might be a little biased. But considering the material, and the fact that it discusses the effects of travel on our lives, I think I would love this play even if my brother was not starring in it. When I really think about it, plays are a great medium to explore the wonders of travel, and perhaps that will be my next great project--composing a play about a journey. Wish me luck in this endeavor!

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