Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Spring Break Countdown

March has arrived and with it the infamous Spring Break. This is the second installment of my Spring Break posts, and this time I'll be covering the exciting places you can go on your trip. There are hundreds of places where college students can go to celebrate their week-long hiatus from classes, but there are select locations that are the most commonly visited during this time of year. The most popular Spring Break destinations:

Panama City Beach, Florida: After the oil spill last year, many hotel owners and businesses along the panhandle worried about how many students would come to Panama City Beach for Spring Break. Luckily for them, it looks like that catastrophe has not deterred people from coming to the city. With some of the best beaches in the country, exciting bars and entertaining concerts, Panama City is a great stateside destination for Spring Break. All hotels are student friendly, which means guests can expect non-stop activities. Most of the clubs are 18 and up, so even students who are not of age can still go out and party. Covers can be pretty steep, anywhere from $10 to $30, so be prepared to dish out some cash. You can purchase a Panamaniac Card, which will get you into all the clubs, without having to pay the cover. Panama City Beach has plenty of great restaurants, stores and attractions for students to enjoy. It's also one of the more affordable Spring Break destinations.

Daytona Beach: Another relatively inexpensive location for some Spring Break fun, Daytona Beach has tons of student-friendly hotels. They have a lot of daytime activities, plus areas around for some lounging and relaxation, cause Spring Break is a time to take it easy. But it's also time to let lose, and Daytona has an exciting nightlife with clubs and DJs and bars for all personalities.

South Padre Island: Just off the Gulf Coast of Texas sits Padre, one of the best Spring Break locales. All the hotels are conveniently located along the beach, as well as within walking distance of the nightlife action. Head over to Louie's Backyard for some non-stop dancing and crazy contests. Clubs here are also pretty expensive to be get into, anywhere from $25 to $60, so you might want to look into some party packages or expect to carry around a lot of extra cash.

Cancun, Mexico: Known as the place for non-stop Spring Break partying, Cancun is a guaranteed good time. Unless you are looking for some quiet time, a majority of the hotels are located right in the center of the action, so don't expect a lot of time to rest, or sleep. Cancun is full of swanky clubs, casual bars and endless dance parties. As much fun as lounging on the beach, drinking and dancing can be, sometimes you need to experience something else. Cancun has a number of historical sites located away from the beach that you can visit for something different.

Las Vegas: This is a better destination for college students over 21, because, let's face it, you'll want to gamble just a little bit and enjoy a cocktail while you're at it. There are some reasonably priced hotels, and many of them are offering great deals for Spring Break. Also, many accommodations have all-you-can-eat buffets, which is perfect for hungry college students. The nightlife is super crazy and thrilling, but lines outside the clubs can get very long and covers are pretty expensive, so be prepared to get there early or wait a while.

Negril, Jamaica: While partying on Spring Break is expected, some students are looking for something a little more relaxing. Negril caters to those who want a little bit of both. There are a number of open-air bars where students can go to mingle, and hundreds of restaurants to grab a bite. The scenery offers more than something beautiful to look at, it also gives you some exciting excursions to go on, including canopy tours and river rafting.

So whether you head to an international location, or stay in the U.S., you will find some amazing places to go to celebrate your spring break. Just remember, stay safe and have fun!

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