Monday, January 20, 2014

Kick Off the Year With Some Travel Adventures

I woke up this morning to this picture sent from my parents:
They're on vacation in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Needless to say, I'm jealous. Especially considering the view out my window is gray, snowy and slightly depressing. The good news...I will be looking at a similar landscape in less than a month. Yes, in February, I'm off to Belize for a week with my boyfriend and I cannot wait to explore the incredible caves, the Mayan ruins and the beautiful coral reefs. I am literally counting the days...I need a break from this frigid cold.

Luckily, I will get a little relief soon. Steve is going to Huntsville, Alabama, for work for two and half weeks, and he wants to fly me out for a weekend...just like we did for Baltimore. I've been looking into what's there, and I'm actually interested to see what it's like. They have some fascinating museums related to NASA and rockets, so we'll definitely check those out. There's also some great hiking trails and outdoor activities, which we can actually partake in because it will be slightly warmer than Chicago (and by slightly, I mean a good 30 degrees warmer).

I have to say, I'm really enjoying these last-minute, impromptu trips I'm getting to take. They are fun, relaxing breaks from my somewhat hectic schedule. But I also get to experience places I never considered visiting before. I am looking forward to more travel adventures this year, and cannot wait to write all about it upon my return!

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