Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Advantage of Work Travel

I've always wanted to be able to travel for work, and when I finally got into the travel industry, I thought it would happen more. Unfortunately, the kind of work I do doesn't require me to go anywhere, with the exception of one week spent training out in Colorado. At the end of last year, my job gave me some new accounts (New Jersey, North Dakota and Austin), so maybe, if I'm lucky, I will get to visit some of these places for work.

Even though I might not get the opportunity to boyfriend does. Right now, he only goes to military bases in the U.S., and I've had the chance to spend a weekend with him. However, he just informed me yesterday that in March, he will most likely move to a different team and start going to international locations, like England, Australia and Denmark. And he wants me to go with him! Of course, it's not as easy to go overseas for a weekend, but my job does allow me to work from anywhere, as long as I have internet access and a phone. So maybe it will be possible to take advantage of his situation, and figure out a way to travel with him.

What's really great is that my company is a travel-centric one, so they encourage taking trips. I'm sure they will allow me to go with him once and a while, which would be amazing! I hope that I get the opportunity to visit some incredible places, because now is the time to take these vacations, while we're young and have nothing holding us back.

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