Monday, July 20, 2009

Paper Heart in Paris

Last week, I had the privilege of viewing an early screening of the movie Paper Heart, starring Charlyne Yi, Michael Cera, and Jake Johnson. Basically, it's a documentary style movie mixed with a fictional story, and it's all about love. Does it really exist? Will Charlyne ever find it? How do you know you've found it? What is it? Charlyne embarks on a trip around the United States asking people these kinds of questions, hoping that it will change her own perceptions of love. Near the end of the film, the crew heads to the "city of love," Paris, thinking it could be a strong ending to the documentary. But Paris is tainted by Charlyne's sadness over losing her boyfriend, Michael Cera, who she may or may not love.

As I watched the scenes filmed in Paris, I couldn't help but feel an overwhelming desire to go back. I have visited Paris twice in my life: once when I was 6 or 7, so I don't really remember it that well; the second time was last summer when two of my friends and I backpacked around Europe. However, we only stayed for three days and our budget was limiting, so there was not a whole lot we could do. But now I'm thinking I need to go back again, stay for longer and allow myself a larger budget so I can fully enjoy all the city has to offer.

I was reading through the New York Times Travel section, and there was a question posed by a reader about cheap places to stay in Paris. I was intrigued, seeing as the city is so prominent in my mind today, so I clicked the headline and had myself a read. I loved some of the suggestions that offer quality lodging at a rate that won't empty the wallet. Matt Gross, the Frugal Traveler, gave some hotel names, and I happily looked into them.
  • Hotel des Arts Bastille: located between Pere Lachaise Cemetery and Opera-Bastille, the hotel offers newly renovated rooms and an ideal location. It costs about $85 a night, which is certainly doable for a student like me. Let's face it, I don't need to stay in a 5-star resort...modest accomodations work for me.
  • Les Chansonniers: This hotel sounded fun just beacuse it is themed after the great old French singers. Plus, it is only $65 a night, and is in a great location where there is a market twice a week and numerous restaurants, cafes, bars, and theatres.
  • Hotel Langlois: This is a little pricier, but has a location closer to attractions like the Opera House. The hotel has a more historic feel than the others, giving visitors a better sense of the Old Paris. The price is about $163 a night, but for some travelers that is more than reasonable considering the look and feel of the hotel. Plus, it is Paris!
So while I will have to find a good time to travel to Paris, I know I have options for some more reasonably priced accomodations. Now, I just have to see who wants to come with me. Any takers?

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