Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Vroom Vroom

I don't know a lot about cars. But we can overlook that, right?

When it comes to road trips, I'm all about cars. If you don't have a good ride to get you where you're going, then it almost doesn't seem worth it. But I learned about some amazing road trip deals that allow you to rent some pretty impressive cars.

Red Travel Italia's Ferrari Tours are customizable tours through Italy all from behind the wheel of the latest Ferrari models. Red Travel has plenty of options for travelers, providing driving pleasure and panoramic views. Each trip gives people an experience that mixes art, food, fashion, and the historic cities of Italy.

If Italy is not your idea of a great vacation spot--though I don't know how that's possible--there are tours in England which rent out classic, vintage cars. A quick lesson is provided so travelers can learn the ins and outs of driving the old models, and then the whole country is at your wheels.

As much as having one elite car is nice, what about 5? Western Road Adventure gives you a different car everyday as you explore the canyons of Colorado. The southern California coast calls, as well as 32 historic bungalows and a Mercedes Benz--or a BMW 3 Series, or Lexus ES 350.

Now, most of these are pretty expensive, and only when I'm rolling in the dough will I be able to afford trips like these. But, hey, it's nice to dream.