Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Love a Good Road Trip

If you enjoy hitting the open road--or just going for a long drive--nothing makes the trip more satisfying than the right gear. But many of us can't afford all the equipment we would need for a quality cross country trip. Never fear, DailyCandy is here!! (Yeah, I know I talk about it alot, but this website is awesome!) They are offering a giveaway for all DailyCandy subscribers to get in on. Just enter your name and email address and you are automatically entered to win some pretty cool stuff.

1. The Magellan GPS System
2. An Oversized--and super cute--weekend bag
3. MP3 player car dock, and gift certificate to purchase more music
4. A new pair of sunglasses
5. A refillable Sigg water bottle and gourmet snack pack.

Check it out!
Magellan: Road Trip Essentials Giveaway

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