Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Travel Website to Explore: Black Tomato

How is it possible I did not know about this website? I have no idea.

I receive emails from DailyCandy--a current events/pop culture website that talks about everything from food to fashion to art--and usually I get ones that specifically relate to Chicago. But I also signed up to get updates from DailyCandy Travel, which I receive maybe once a week. Most of the time the articles are about destinations the writers went to and what they liked about them. I enjoy reading these, mostly because I like to learn about new places and the things I can do while visiting. But this week I got an email that discussed DailyCandy Travel's new feature on Black Tomato.

Instantly intrigued, I ventured to the website. I soon discovered that this was not like any other travel website that just offers flight and hotel deals. This was much, much more. Not only do they discuss travel trends and point out must-see spots; they work closely with travelers to create a special, tailor-made, unique experience that fits their needs, budget, and desires.

The founders of Black Tomato--having a hard-core love of travel--realized that there are lots of people out there who want to travel, but may not have the time in their busy lives to put all the necessary planning into a trip. That's where Black Tomato comes in. Just tell them where you want to go, how long you want to stay, and what you want to spend, and they take care of the rest. They can plan incredible outings for travelers, like swimming between tectonic plates in Iceland or motorbike safaris in Botswana. They feature honeymoon vacations in destinations like Estonia--or Mexico, if you're looking for something more classic. Honeymoons, as a matter of fact, are one of their specialties. So if you're on the lookout for something truly original for that special trip after the big day, take a look at their honeymoon destinations. But you don't have to pick from a pre-created one, they can help you make one from scratch. They make you your own web page with all the details of your honeymoon. Pretty cool, uh?

Who wouldn't want someone else making arrangements for their trip? I mean, obviously, I want some say in the matter. But they work with you the whole time to make sure you're getting the vacation you want--and deserve. We work hard, our vacations should be everything we want.

One aspect of the website I really like is their way for people to search on vacations. There is a drop down box next to their "browse our ideas:" icon that reads "by need." When scrolled over, the box shows needs like "some bustle," "to get lost," "a purpose," or "freedom." I think that really stands out because everyone has different reasons for wanting to get away.

An added bonus--at least for me--is that DailyCandy subscribers get exclusive trips that are not available to anyone else. Also, if you book any trip through them, they will throw in a little something extra, whether it's an extra night's stay at the hotel, free airport transfers, a romantic dinner, or a day excursion--and it's all on Black Tomato.

I am seriously considering booking my next trip through these guys.


  1. Vanessa,

    Johnny from Black Tomato here. Just wanted to say a quick hello and thank you for mentioning us in your wonderful blog. It's really amazing to see you're enjoying our website (and helping us spread the word). It's very much appreciated. If you have and Q's feel free to give me a shout. Keep up the good work.

    Johnny (

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