Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Preparing for the Big Trip

According to my countdown widget, in 45 days I will be leaving for South Africa. So far, my preparations have been limited to getting my immunization shots. Now, I am starting to think about what I'll need to bring along for the journey. Considering I may not have a washer/dryer available to me, I need to make sure I have enough clothes to last me at least two weeks, plus clothes for the six days of traveling to and from Durban (yes, it takes that long). Plus, I'll need toiletries, shoes (at least 3 pairs), books, my journal (can't go anywhere without it), my ipod, vitamins and all the prescriptions I need to take while I'm there. After running through this laundry list of essentials, I started to wonder what the hell I would pack it all in.

And then Daily Candy Travel sent me their weekly article, and my dreams of finding the perfect luggage were realized. There in the article was a list of adorable carry-on bags, perfect for stowing all my necessities for those long overnight flights and even longer layovers. Now, I will admit the one that caught my eye is way out of my price-range (what can I say, I have expensive taste), but it seems to appropriate for my destination based on its style. I mean, the name alone is enough to make me want it: Urbane Village- Doctor's Bag. How cool does that sound? But to the chagrin of my finances, I turned away from the seemingly perfect bag, and considered the others that seemed just as nice, and probably more practical for my trip. The Large Weekender from LeSportSac is a little more reasonably priced and has a ton of outside pockets, perfect for storing small electronics or books or travel documents--anything I need to access quickly. The cheapest bag was the Canvas Overnight bag from JCrew. Basically, it's a duffel bag, which would be fine for someone like me with a limited income. And for an extra $10, I can get a personal monogram etched on the side! Let me think, what should it say? Hmmm...Well, that will have to wait until another day.

Once the bag is purchased, however, the real challenge begins. I have never been the most efficient packer--more often than not I find myself sprawled on top of the suitcase, shoving the contents down as much as possible while battling with the zipper. So how I will fit everything will be interesting, surely a worthy story for a post. I will keep you updated on my preparations as the departure date nears.

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