Friday, April 9, 2010

Tax Day Deals

Tax day is hardly something to celebrate, right? Wrong! April 15 looms ahead, and those tax forms need to be dated and stamped. Once you send them off, it's over. So why not enjoy some sweet deals. I'm accustomed to getting free food; McDonald's and Cinnabon are both contributing to the tradition this year. And personally I'd go for the mini cupcakes over the burgers, but I have a severe sweet tooth. Anyway, moving on. I was browsing around on Twitter and saw an update from Travel + Leisure Magazine:

No Taxation Without a Vacation: Tax-Day Hotel Deals - Carry On - Travel + Leisure

After reading this, I seriously considered the Hard Rock Sand Diego deal. Who wouldn't want an EFFEN cocktail? But this article also got me thinking about something my co-worker Justine told me. There are promotions being put forward by the travel industry--specifically student travel--encouraging people to spend their tax refunds on trips. I thought that was a great idea. So while hotel deals during the month of April acknowledging tax day are great, companies could also look into deals promoting tax refund spending on travel.

For example, the bigger your refund, the bigger the discount you get on a hotel rate. Of course, there would have to be a way to prove what your refund was, otherwise people would probably exaggerate the amount a little bit. (Ok, probably a lot.) The bottom line is that it could be a great way to push the industry, especially with summer fast approaching and vacations being planned. Travel agencies, hotels, airlines, travel media outlets, all of them could capitalize on TAX REFUND DEALS!

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