Thursday, January 10, 2013

Building a Tree House

Tree houses are a wonderful childhood past time; fulfilling fantasies of the young for generations.

But believe it or not, they have roots in the ancient world, too. For surely people have been climbing trees for hundreds, even thousands, of years.

Today, there are a vast array of immaculately built treehouses all over the world, taking forms of all kinds. Some are created for a specific purpose, while others simply display the human imagination, and still others showcase the perfect synergy of these structures with nature. While tree houses have evolved over the years, their purpose remains the same: offering people the chance to view the world from a different angle.

Tree Houses: Fairy Tale Castles in the Air. Source: Amazon
A book from Philip Jodidio showcases 50 of the most eclectic tree houses from around the globe. Some are built by famous architects, and serve as restaurants or hotels. While others are shrowded in a bit of mystery, created by unknown geniuses of the craft. The tree houses exhibit all kinds of architecture styles, from classic romance to modern; and showcase many different cultures. The book includes Japanese teahouses meant for looking at cherry blossoms from new heights; sphere-shaped structures in Canada that can be rented out and are tethered to the trees to maintain balance; and a UFO style tree house in Sweden that can fit two adults and two children.

I would definitely be interested in visiting some of these tree houses. It's one thing to be up in a tree, but to be in an intricately designed tree house makes it even better. I had a tree house a kid, but it was not all that impressive. It was a square shaped platform among three spruce trees, with short walls and a basic roof. It entertained us to an extent, but we eventually got over the novelty of it and lost interest. it had looked like any of these houses, I think it would have been a different story entirely. In fact, I may have chosen to live in the tree house rather than in my own home.

Not only would it be fun to play around in these adult-friendly tree houses, but it would be interesting to view the world from a completely new perspective. Imagine what you could see from the trees; people would be totally unaware of your presence--oh the possibilities. In all honesty though, I think I would use a tree house to escape, get in touch with nature and just relax as the rest of the world went on below me. That would be a truly memorable experience.

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