Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pass the Duct Tape...

This is just one of the phrases heard by passengers on an Iceland Air flight from Reykjavik to New York on January 3. The reason? An unruly passenger was reportedly hitting, screaming and spitting at other passengers, as he yelled profanities at the top of his lungs. As a means of restraint, fight attendants bound him with zip-ties and duct tape, strapping him to his seat and sealing his mouth with the adhesive.
Bound passenger on Iceland Air. Source:
The picture of the passenger is a little disturbing, leading many to question whether this kind of action is necessary, or even legal. But if a passenger is putting the safety of the crew and other passengers in jeapardy and continues to act out even after being warned or commits a crime, flight personnel can restrain him or her by any means necessary.

Flight attendants have even been given handcuffs or other retraints that can be used to control passengers. In this case, the crew had to be creative, and it seems to have worked pretty well.

I have never been on a flight where a passenger "went crazy" or started acting inappropriately, but it is good to know that the crew has the ability--and the right--to go to these kinds of extremes to get the situation under control. And I have to say, it would be pretty funny to see this in real life.

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