Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's FALL!!!

It is officially autumn, my favorite season of the year!!

Some people may think I'm crazy for looking forward to the time of year that technically marks the transition from warm summer weather to the frigid winter months. But I don't care! How could anyone not enjoy the beautiful colors of the changing leaves, the crisp feel of the air just getting a little cooler, the smell of delicious harvest foods--pumpkin pie anyone? Of course there are also the holidays: Halloween, which everyone enjoys because for one day--or a week depending on how long one chooses to celebrate--we can be anyone or anything we want; and Thanksgiving, where family and friends gather together and eat pounds of fabulous food.

Chicago, so far, is living up to my expectations for the fall season. The leaves have begun to change into their bright yellows, oranges, and reds, and I can smell the new season. My school's campus is picturesque with the falling foliage, and I love with every rush of wind I am suddenly in a movie-like state with the trees sprinkling me with leaves. Now all I need is a cute autumn outfit, and I'll be all set.

But as nice as Chicago is, I do miss Colorado in fall. Especially the mountains. Although this week Denver is about forty degrees cooler than Chi-town, I would still love to be there, with a warm mug of hot chocolate or cider and a blanket around my shoulders, watching the cool weather settle in. I mean, who can say that the Rocky Mountains in autumn are not gorgeous?

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