Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A little older, maybe a little wiser...

So, yesterday was my 23rd birthday. Since it was on a Monday, I celebrated over the weekend. And despite being in graduate school and being out of the college scene for over a year, I still managed to party a little too hard for my liking and spent most of the day Sunday recovering. However, it was a good time--and a good learning experience--and I'm glad I went out with my friends.

While going out to the bars and drinking on Saturday night was entertaining and enjoyable, I really appreciated my Friday night plans. My boyfriend took me to a nice dinner, where we enjoyed a four course Italian meal and a bottle of wine. It truly was a contrast to the following nights festivities, but it definitely showed how much I have matured in the past year. I prefer a nice quiet dinner over a crazy night of partying. And while I acknowledged my younger side this year, I also embraced my age.
Most people would argue that 23 is not old, and I agree with that. However, it isn't 18 either. I do not have the ability anymore to stay up until the wee hours of the morning or drink shot after shot of hard alcohol. My idea of a good time, now, is a low key evening with friends. And after our dinner on Friday, I realized that I desperatly want to return to Italy. I see it even more now, with an extra year under my belt, that traveling is my passion and the true thing that I hope to do with my life. I would have taken a trip for my birthday if I could have, but unfortunately I do have school and work to attend to. But maybe next year for my 24th--depending on the job situation--I can plan a weekend trip with friends somewhere. A place we can relax, eat well, enjoy a drink or two, and just live in the moment.

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