Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Helping Hand

As most of you know, in the aftershock of a devastating earthquake, Haiti needs help more than ever. Many are probably asking "what can I do?" While most of us do not have extensive funds--like George Clooney or Madonna--to send to the country or to organizations, we still have options.

Even just a small donation--as much as you can afford to give--will help. You can donate to the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, CARE, or Yele Haiti.

To all the travelers out there, I know you're busy jetting from one place to the next. I would be out there with you if I could. If money is not something you want to give, how about some of those frequent flier miles you've been racking up, or those hotel points that might be gathering dust. If you are a United Airlines flier, you can donate miles to the Red Cross or Airline Ambassadors or Operation USA. Hilton, Marriot, Starwood, Choice Hotels, and many others are asking members to donate their points and they in turn will make cash donations to various organizations aiding in the Haiti relief effort.

If you are a frequent flier of American Airlines or Spirit Airlines, you will not only be giving, but receiving as well. If you donate a certain cash amount, these airlines will reward you miles. Giving just $5 could buy you a free flight! Of course, none of you need incentive to contribute to a good cause.

So use your travel for good. And if you have the time--and the miles--why not book a flight down to Haiti and lend a hand.

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