Friday, February 4, 2011

The Groundhog vs. The Blizzard

February 2nd came and went with little mention of the tiny animal that emerges from his hole looking for his shadow. (In case you were wondering, he did not see his shadow, and Spring is on its way.) People were too concerned with the horrendous weather pounding the Midwest. Chicago was hit with a massive blizzard on Tuesday afternoon, causing white out conditions and leaving hundreds stranded for hours; and the snow did not stop coming down until about noon on Wednesday. What a great start to February. It seems Punxsutawney Phil was wrong, Spring is not coming.

However, with so much emphasis being put on the intense winter weather and how much snow the whole country has gotten, you would think people would want to report the end of this bitterly cold season. It seems appropriate that this news is being announced now, after what felt like the Apocalypse in snow form came barreling down on us. And yet no one is paying attention.

I, for one, am ecstatic that winter will soon be over--or at least I hope it will be--because that means its Spring travel season. Time to take vacations to places around the country that start getting warmer way sooner than Chicago does. I lean more towards places in the Carolinas or Florida, but there are so many great cities to visit during the early weeks of the season. These locations are usually extremely hot and humid in the summer, but the Spring makes for comfortable temperatures and desirable conditions, not to mention gorgeous scenery as the flora begin to blossom. If you're still somewhat in the winter mode, but feel ready to embrace the warmer weather, try a Spring ski trip. Colorado's slopes still have plenty of snow in March and April, and with the daily temps in the mid to high 50s, it is warm enough to ski in a sweatshirt or light jacket.

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So as you clear the snow from your driveway, shovel your car out of the snow and recover from what you hope is the final snow storm of winter, keep in mind that Spring is coming--the groundhog said so--and there is a lot of fantastic travel to be done!

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