Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Unique Tourism Advertisments

In an effort to improve tourism, Levenworth, Washington, created a youtube commercial to promote its Bavarian-style town and exciting culture. The ad has generated a lot of buzz among travel experts and tourists. Travel marketing professionals do not doubt the effectiveness of the commercial, but there is skepticism about whether or not it will hurt tourism in the long run.


Levenworth is portrayed as a young, hip party town, concerning locals who believe tourists may get the wrong impression. However, the commercial does show family-friendly aspects as well, including mini-golf, rafting, golfing and festivals. If viewers can look beyond the scantily clad dancers, steins of beer and trendy nutcracker, they will see that Levenworth has a culturally rich atmosphere and recreational activities galore. Of course, the nightlife is certainly a selling point, and the advertisement has tapped into that.

In all honesty, I love the commercial. It's funny, eye-catching and entertaining. After watching it, I am seriously considering visiting Levenworth, Washington.

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