Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cruising away from it all

It may be June, but Chicago doesn't seem to care. With clouds gathered in the sky, temperatures around 50 degrees, and rain every other day, it sure doesn't feel like summer. Chicago weather definitely likes to mess with its residents, and many aren't thrilled with this game of hot and cold.

So many are getting away to the warmer climates. Prices for cruises are insanely good right now, and people are taking advantage. One of those people happens to be my boyfriend, and as I type he is enjoying his five day cruise in the caribbean which stops at George Town, Grand Caymen, and Cozumel, Mexico. And I'm stuck here in the cold and gloomy weather finishing up classes and working. Envious doesn't even begin to describe my feelings right now. But if I had the chance like he did, I would have grabbed it in a heartbeat.

I've only been on one cruise ship, and that was about six years ago on a senior class trip in high school. The boat was smaller than many of the cruise ships I had seen, and probably lacked many of the amenities that the luxury boats provided, but it was a blast all the same. Admittedly, the location played the biggest factor--it was a three day cruise of the Greek islands. Plus, I had my best friend traveling with me, which makes everything more enjoyable. Traveling on a boat is an experience in itself. I was used to getting around by car or plane, where you are trapped in a confined space for a certain amount of time. The cruise ship got me to where I wanted to go while I sunned myself on the deck, sipped pina coladas with my friends, and wandered around to the various buffets. It was heaven. And while disembarking on the islands we visited was exciting and eye opening, it was just as fun jumping back on the boat to make our way to the next destination.

Time and money do not permit me to book a cruise right now, but it is just another thing I'm adding to my list of travel goals. This, of course, will not be a first. But I would love to experience one of these larger cruise ships that tower over my special little boat and trips that last longer than two nights. Also, there are plenty of different locations cruises venture to, and all of them sound like incredible places to visit.

First stop: Dubai/Emerates.

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