Thursday, June 18, 2009

What Have You Got to Lose?


In the past few weeks, one of my good friends has entered and won numerous contests. Usually they are just on the radio, and the prizes are concert tickets. But still. He gets free tickets, plus other benefits like backstage passes. So I'm jumping on the contest bandwagon and registering for random contests just for the hell of it. I mean, why not. If I don't win, so what? It's not like I spent money on it or anything. I'm not losing anything by entering my name. But if my name is called, I am rewarded with something sweet.

So, you will notice the American Eagle sweepstakes link on my page now. Everyday I can play for a $50 gift certificate, and my name is automatically entered each time for a trip to St. Thomas. And who wouldn't want to go to the Caribbean? I mean, I would love to go there on a vacation. Concert tickets are all well and good, but I would much rather win a trip somewhere. Especially if it's to a place I've never been. Now, the gift certificate is nice, too, because I love buying clothes. But obviously I'm crossing my fingers for the big win.

I also am participating in Daily Candy's contest through Comcast. It runs through the summer, and each day they give away a different prize. There aren't any trips offered, but there are quality beauty products, bags, jewelry. Any girl's fantasy.

So if there are any other contests out there I can enter, let me know. Preferably, I would like ones that offer a trip somewhere...

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