Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Take Advantage While You Can

It's a good time to travel, but not for long. Airlines are making changes to their businesses in order to avoid dropping ticket prices. There is a growing consensus among executives that lowering seat prices just to maintain market share is not smart. Rather than sell seats below cost, airlines are thinking of shrinking through capacity cuts and consolidation.

There are plenty of good deals still out there for the budget traveler, and people need to pounce now in order to take advantage of the cheap prices. Why not get more bang for your buck on a trip to New York? London? Greece?

An especially good way to find the best deals is to surf around the internet on all those budget travel sites. You know the ones I'm talking about: travelocity, expedia, hotwire. But there are plenty of other sites that many may have not heard about before.
There are plenty of others I am sure, but these will provide smart shoppers with options so they can compare deals. But personally, I think Travelzoo does a great job of finding sweet deals for you.And while you have to sign up, it's totally worth it to receive prime deals and prices.

So while companies are looking to increase fares in the near future, there are still decently priced tickets being offered right now. So grab them while they're still hot!

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