Monday, February 15, 2010

Another Season Kicks Off

Who out there watches The Amazing Race? Well, for those of you who don't know, a new season began last night on CBS. And once again, it did not disappoint.

11 teams raced from Los Angeles to Valporaiso, Chili for the first leg, having to perform various tasks to receive clues along the way. It was exciting to scope out the new competitors, and already I have my favorites (and least favorites). The first team I really like is Jody and Shannon, grandmother and granddaughter team who run triathlons and half marathons. For starters, I always think it's praiseworthy when older people compete on this show, because it can be so physically demanding. But this woman is 71 and she is totally hardcore. I would never be able to run a half marathon, let alone 5 of them! The second team I really like is Joe and Heidi, a married couple from California. They seem really down to earth, but competitive at the same time. Plus, they don't really have any annoying habits like some of the other teams. As for the teams I don't like, well, let's just say some of the younger couples irritate me, and we'll just leave it at that.

Bottom line...I love this show because it combines the elements of competition and travel, two things I can seriously relate to. I am a pretty competitive person, especially when it it comes to physical activities. But I also love that the show sends these teams to all these exotic destinations around the world. You get to see so much, while at the same time partake in some pretty interesting challenges. If you have never watched the show before, I strongly urge you to tune in next Sunday. If nothing else, the drama and stupidity of some of these teams is sure to entertain you.

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