Thursday, February 11, 2010

Carry-Ons Made Easy

Standing in the security lines at the airport, you mentally check off all the regulations. Take laptop out of bag. Remove shoes, belts, and coats. Place lose items like jewelry and change in bins. But as your bag keeps slowly toward that scanner, you realize you forgot the most important thing. Make sure any liquids are in 3 fl. oz. containers and sitting nicely in a clear ziploc bag. Inevitably the security guard stops your bag, glancing suspiciously at its contents. As it makes its way through to the other side where you're waiting for it, the security guard snatches it up and pulls out that 4 fl. oz. bottle of moisturizer you so irresponsibly left in there. It's taken away, tossed into the toiletry abyss, never to be seen again.

This is a common story, bound to happen to any traveler. And why wouldn't it? We're all human, we make mistakes. But does the security guard realize he just tossed a $30 bottle of moisturizer? I bet he doesn't.

No fear, is here!! A website dedicated to selling products prepackaged in carry-on friendly sizes. Rather than wasting time squeezing shampoo into one of those ugly plastic bottles, labeling it so you don't mistake it for your lotion,  and then repeating the routine over again with every other toiletry item, why not have it taken care of for you. 3floz offers top quality brands and kits for face, hair, body, teeth, and much more. Now, you can take every toiletry you may need on your trip with you in your carry-on. No more sitting their weighing the benefits of bringing eye or blemish cream, you can have both!! Plus, 3floz gives you a plethora of choices. 20 brands are featured on the site, so you can try any or all of them, if you so choose.

Another piece of good news, these TSA-approved products can be shipped for free if your flight leaves within 3 days. And, 3floz can deliver internationally if you want your items after you arrive in your destination city.

For the beauty junkies out there, this is heaven.

Check out all their products on their website:

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