Monday, February 22, 2010

After My First Week...

Last week was my first as an intern at Premier Tourism Marketing...and I love it!! I have already been given two writing assignments. First, I have to write about San Francisco as a travel destination for students. Not college age or anything, but more middle or high school students. It's part of a larger project where we explore different cities around the U.S. and discover places that would be good for student travel groups. The article will go on my company's student travel website, and will be targeted at people trying to plan a school trip. I have been spending hours searching attractions, restaurants, hotels, and various other aspects of the city that might be interesting. Now, that may not sound exciting, but the hours seriously fly by at work because I actually enjoy what I am researching. I have never been to San Francisco but have always been interested in visiting, and now I want to go even more!!

My second assignment will be a longer article in one of the print publications. I get to write about Breckenridge, CO, and how it is a big ski destination in the West. It's right up my alley, cause I am from Colorado! And I have snowboarded there many, many times. It is perfect because I can slip my own perspective into the article, making it more personal and relatable.

Seriously, this job is great, and I cannot wait to get more assignments and actually start publishing my articles. Let's hope the second week is as good as the first!!

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